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ChangeTip Wants To Kill Clickbait With Social Bitcoin Micropayments

ChangeTip is hoping to drive mass adoption of micropayments on the web by using Bitcoin plus existing social networks as the medium to deliver[...]

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GetSet Uses Natural Language Processing To Reduce College Drop-out Rates

GetSet, a new stealthy US edtech startup that's aiming to reduce the high college drop-out rate is uncloaking today and revealing its first rollout[...]

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Truth Lets You Send Anonymous Texts

With Whisper and Secret raising millions of dollars to build anonymous services, all kinds of apps are popping up that let you share things[...]

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Sympler Offers An Easy Way To Create Fun, Music-Centric Videos

Co-founders Ben Jenkins and Alexander Kane swung by the TechCrunch office recently to show off Sympler, their new video app for iOS. Asked why[...]

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Unseen, An Anonymous Photo Sharing App For Colleges, Raises $2.1 Million

An Austin-based company called Bearch has raised $2.1 million in seed funding for its anonymous photo-sharing app Unseen, which has been trending on college[...]

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Why #Ferguson Wasn’t Trending For Some Social Media Users Last Night

As the situation worsened for a fifth night in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri, where protestors were met with rubber bullets and[...]

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Snapchat Could Be Stripped Of Valuable “Tap-And-Hold For Video” Patent

Snapchat has quietly been embroiled in an intellectual property interference proceeding that could revoke its lucrative patent for a design trick now widely copied[...]

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Camoji Lets You Create And Text Animated GIFs Via iMessage

An iOS application called Camoji, which lets you create your own animated selfies and other GIFs, will be your new favorite toy. Like a[...]

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IAC Agrees To Work With Regulators On Cyberbullying Protections Following Deal

IAC-owned search company has acquired the beleaguered anonymous Q&A social network, The news was first reported by The New York Times this[...]

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Humin, The App That Organizes Phone Contacts By How You Know Them, Is Now In The App Store

Humin, the app that aims to replace your iPhone contacts app is now in the App Store., Richard Branson and Angry Birds creator[...]

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